Frequently Asked Questions


How does Rogue To Go work?

1. BUY IN – Join Rogue To Go at any participating restaurant by paying $10 per container or token. All container exchanges are free! Your container/token can be exchanged for at any participating business for a clean container/token.
2. FILL UP – Your food goes into a reusable Rogue To Go container.
3. CHOW DOWN – You know what to do!
4. SWAP – When you want to exchange the container, please gently wash the container to return it “household clean”. You must always exchange your home-cleaned container for a fresh one that has been washed and sanitized by the participating business. Swap out soon for another meal or grab a token. This reduces the need to buy more containers by keeping them circulating.

Keep your Rogue To Go container on the move!

Every Rogue To Go container is sanitized according to the Jackson County Health Guidelines

Rogue To Go is a nonprofit program run by volunteers. We have designed a business model so that Rogue To Go can sustain itself.

Customers join Rogue To Go at any of our participating eateries for a one time $10 fee. $5 of this will pay for the reusable containers. $2 of this goes to Rogue To Go to help run the program. $3 goes to the eatery.

How do I use the token?
Once you’ve enjoyed a meal and are not quite ready for another RTG meal, home rinse and return to one of participating eateries to keep in circulation and grab a token.
Can I skip the exchange and use the container from my last visit?

No, food safety regulations require that you exchange the used container for one sanitized by the participating business.

Please pre-wash the container in your possession and return it to a participating business. They will have a supply of clean and sanitized containers ready for a quick exchange. Complying with this regulation is important to continue offering the Rogue To Go program

Are Rogue To Go containers BPA free and dishwasher safe?
Yes, O2GO containers are BPA-free. They are NSF certified and FDA approved. They are safe for dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers. They are made locally in Albany, Oregon by OZZI.
What is Rogue to Go?
Rogue To Go provides a reusable, standardized container that customers can use at any participating restaurant. It’s an easy way to reduce waste and show that there is a better way to do take-out! Single-use containers and utensils create unnecessary waste and environmental impact through their manufacture, use, and disposal.
What if I forget to bring my container or token?

To receive a sanitized container at our exchange location you will need to bring us your home-cleaned container, or a token.

Why does Rogue To Go use a plastic container?
The Rogue To Go containers are made of BPA- and BPS-free polypropylene #5, which is generally considered one of the safest choices for plastic products. This plastic is highly resistant to heat transfer and is super durable – the container manufacturer states they may be used up to 1,000x before they need to be retired from service. At the end of their usable lives, O2GO uses a specialty recycler in order to properly dispose of containers so that our service is a circular model. Broken containers can also be returned to any of the participating eateries and will go back to the manufacturer to be recycled into new containers. This plastic container is lightweight, durable, recyclable, and can be easily sanitized. Every time you use this recyclable plastic container, you are diverting single-use from the landfill.

Our participants have determined the OZZI brand containers are a good starting point for this program. We recognize that plastic is not perfect, but the OZZI container offers significant environmental benefits and is a good value.

How much does the container cost?
Each Rogue To Go program exchangeable container (or token) costs $10 to start.
What happens if I lose my container or break it?

If you lose your container but wish to still be in the program, you will be required to purchase a new container. Participating businesses will remove from circulation any containers that become damaged or are no longer usable. You will be responsible for purchasing a replacement container if the container you’re exchanging is damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Please do bring it back to a participating vendor so that it can be recycled through OZZI.

How many tokens do I need?
This depends on what you order. Check with the eatery while ordering to insure you don’t need more than 1 token to enjoy your waste-free meal. Some of us carry 3 tokens at all times to be prepared. This will allow us to invite a friend or order an extra dish without making unnecessary waste.
During COVID-19, is Rogue To Go a safe option?
Yes. All Rogue To Go participating locations comply with Jackson County Health guidelines that include commercial sanitation of all containers in between uses.