Participate as an Eatery


See one of our participating eateries explain how easy it is to participate

It’s simple and easy to become a Rogue To Go restaurant or eatery. To become one of the Rogue Valley restaurants using Rogue To Go reusable containers, please contact

If you are interested in becoming a participating eatery, please contact us at

Participating Restaurants

We are expanding all the time! Here is a list of restaurants and takeout places where you can currently use Rogue to Go reusable containers, with moer coming in 2024!

Rogue to Go Customers and Restaurant Partners have Said:

  • “I appreciate the creativity and intention, and the exciting potential for a massive reduction in waste.”
  • “Thanks, I love this program! Please continue and expand it!”
  • “There is less waste going out, more smiles going in.”
  • “We love the program, helps the business and really helps [relieve] an increasing problem of waste in this current climate.”